Eric J. Cremers

Eric Cremers is President and Chief Executive Officer of PotlatchDeltic Corporation and serves on the company’s Board of Directors. Headquartered in Spokane, Washington, PotlatchDeltic is a top 10 lumber producer in the United States, producing nearly 1.1 billion board feet annually at facilities in Arkansas, Idaho, Michigan and Minnesota. PotlatchDeltic produces inland hem-fir and fir-larch lumber, great lakes studs as well as southern yellow pine lumber – a unique and diverse product mix with customers throughout every market region in the country. The company also produces industrial grade plywood at its mill in Saint Maries, Idaho.  A publicly traded timber Real Estate Investment Trust with an enterprise value of roughly $4 billion, PotlatchDeltic owns 1.8 million acres of timberland in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota and Mississippi certified to either the Forest Stewardship Council or Sustainable Forestry Initiative, consistent with the company’s commitment to sustainability.  Finally, the company also has a Real Estate division that sells higher and better use rural acreage and operates a master planned community in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Prior to his current role as CEO of PotlatchDeltic, Eric was the President and Chief Operating Officer for the company for over seven years, with oversight of the company’s three business units.  And prior to becoming President and COO, he was the company’s Chief Financial Officer, a position he held for over six years.

Eric has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kentucky and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. Eric is active in several community service organizations including the Spokane Community College Foundation, Saint George’s School (K-12) in Spokane where he Chaired the Board of Trustees. He also serves on the Dean’s Advisory Committee for the University of Kentucky’s College of Engineering. Finally, he serves as a board member of the American Wood Council and the Softwood Lumber Board.

Scott Ketchum

Scott Ketchum is currently the General Manager for Hancock Forest Management’s Inland Division.  He has held this position for the past 9 years and is responsible for all aspects of forest management including: silviculture, harvesting, road building, log sales, and stewardship on the 650,000 acres managed by HFM in the Inland region.  He has held a variety of management positions both in Inland and coastal Pacific Northwest forests over the past 30 years.  He has been fortunate to work in nearly all forest types found across the Pacific Northwest from California redwoods to Northern Idaho mixed conifer forests and all between.  He started his career as a silviculture scientist at Oregon State University and shifted to forest operations management 20 years ago working first for Boise, then Forest Capital Partners, and finally Hancock Forest Management.

Jody Hendrickx

  • Jody Hendrickx owns and operates Hendrickx Logging, Inc. in St. Maries, Idaho
  • Hendrickx Logging, Inc. has been in business 20 years
  • Employs 5 people + contracts trucking
  • Jody serves on the Board of Directors of the Associated Logging Contractors
  • Jody serves on the St. Maries School Board
  • Jody also is President of the Idaho School Boards Association

Rob Keefe

Rob Keefe is Associate Professor of Forest Operations and the Director of the 10,000-acre University of Idaho Experimental Forest (UIEF). He has a bachelor’s in forestry from the University of New Hampshire, MS in forest biometerics and PhD in natural resources from the University of Idaho and has worked previously as a forest biometrician and consultant. 

Dr. Keefe teaches the core forest operations coursework in the University of Idaho forestry program. Since his hire, over 50 students completing the Minor in Forest Operations along with their forestry degree have gone into salaried, professional positions with the largest industrial, state, tribal and federal landowners in the west. Program alums range from Operations Foresters to Area Engineers and Area Managers. Dr. Keefe has a globally-recognized graduate research program in smart and precision forest operations with external funding from various agencies and partnerships.  

For the last 7 years, he has been responsible for all aspects of management on the University of Idaho Experimental Forest. During that period, he has increased the value proposition of the UIEF to the College of Natural Resources, the University, and the people of the State of Idaho by growing an integrated portfolio of active forest management, field-based forestry education, demonstration, and student leadership opportunities, and sponsored research funding.

Governor Brad Little

The people of Idaho elected Brad Little as the state’s 33rd Governor in November 2018. He became Governor on January 7, 2019.

Brad is an Emmett native who was raised on his family’s sheep and cattle ranching operation. He graduated from the University of Idaho in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness, and has worked in the ranching industry for his entire professional life. In 1978, Brad had good fortune and married Teresa Soulen of Weiser.

Brad has a heart for public service.  He first served in public office in 2001 when he was selected to fill a Senate vacancy. He was then elected to four consecutive terms to the Idaho Senate. During his service as a Senator, Brad was elected by his Republican peers during his first full term to serve in Party leadership as Majority Caucus Chair. He then served as Idaho’s 37th Lt. Governor starting on January 6, 2009.

Brad is committed to making decisions through one lens: the lens of ensuring Idaho’s children and grandchildren have the best opportunities to stay in Idaho and for the ones who have left to return.

Brad has advocated his whole life for limited government. He works to ensure the lightest possible hand of government in the lives of Idaho’s citizens, and he seeks to build the public’s confidence in State government.


Robert A. Maynard

Bob Maynard is a partner in the Environment, Energy & Resources Group, Perkins Coie LLP law firm with 40 years of experience in the forest industry and other natural resource law arenas.  His practice encompasses a wide range of forest land and timber matters along with other environmental, natural resource, land use, real estate, and government contract and permitting issues.  Mr. Maynard began his professional working life as a forester “timber cruiser.”  He has written and lectured on a variety of environmental and natural resources management topics.  He has been a member of the Society of American Foresters throughout his career.  Bob and Perkins Coie have been assisting forest industry and other clients with COVID-19 issues since the pandemic period began in 2020.  

David New

David New is a native of rural Indiana.  He completed his studies at Purdue University in 1974.  David began his forestry career in New Zealand working twenty-three years for Fletcher Challenge, a New Zealand based company with forest products, construction and energy interests throughout the world.  During his twenty-three years with Fletcher Challenge, David had the privilege of working as a District Forester and Chief Forester during a unique time of rapid, global plantation 

forest business growth for the company. This included extensive plantation management experience in New Zealand, Chile, Australia and Malaysia.  After completing further studies in strategic economic planning and Asian business management David participated or led new business feasibility assessments for Fletcher’s paper group throughout  Southern Asia. 

From 1997 until February 2005, David served as Vice President of Timberland Resources for Boise Cascade Corporation. Managing over 3.2 million acres of forestland in six states and southern Brazil. David had the privilege of serving as AF&PA’s Forestry Exec-utive Committee Chairman from 2002-2004.  David is currently President of Growing Excellence Inc. a small forestry and business improvement consulting company.  Grow-ing Excellence’s past major clients include the Idaho Department of Lands, USAID, World Wildlife Fund, Northwest Management Inc., Ecotrust Forests (TIMO), Conserva-tion International, Olson Land Exchange, Affiliated Timber Investment Conversion Advi-sors.  

David’s recent client projects included timber harvest and log sales management for the White Mountain Apache Timber Company. Lead consultant of the US Forestry and Communities Endowment’s US South Timber Transportation Improvement initiative. As an Atica Affiliate, responsible for the design of harvesting processes for Mexico’s largest teak plantation owner. Founding member of SMART Forest Solutions consortium. 

David and his wife Betty live in Boise, Idaho. 

David is an active member of the Society of American Foresters past board member of The Mountain State Legal Foundation, Board member of Ecosystems Management Re-search Institute. Director and part owner of Northwest Timber Logistics and Advisory Board Member of Northwest Management Limited 

Mike O’Brien

Mike O’Brien is Senior Counsel in Perkins Coie LLP’s Labor and Employment group and has been guiding oil, mining, utility, and other industrial clients through thorny COVID-19 employment law problems since the pandemic began. He has written and spoken extensively about the pandemic’s effects on labor organizing and has negotiated industry-specific exceptions to state health orders, in an effort to keep businesses operational and crews safe and in the field. A resource for companies in a host of industries, Mike’s practice also involves corporate investigations, training, and litigation. 

Bruce Ripley

Bruce is a native of West Virginia. He grew up in Huntington and spent a great deal of time exploring the central Appalachian Mountains. He completed his botany degree from Marshall University in 1987 and then went on to Duke University where he earned his Master of Forestry in 1989. 

In 1989 Bruce began his 30+ year journey through his forestry career. The first stop was in Northeastern Maine working for Boise Cascade as the first GIS forester on staff there. After 5 years working in GIS and managing northern hardwoods and conifers Bruce moved to Boise Idaho and worked out of the corporate headquarters for Boise Cascade for the next 7 years. During that tenure Bruce worked primarily as a GIS Programmer/Analyst. During that time, he was exposed to projects across the breadth and width of North America as well as parts of South America. Eventually Bruce went back to the regional operations as the Assistant Chief Forester for Southern Idaho and then on to Planning Manager for the Northeastern Oregon operations. In 2005 Boise Cascade sold their timberlands to Forest Capital Partners and Bruce moved to Portland, Oregon. His primary responsibility was as Manager of Planning and Analysis for the Western US. During his tenure with Forest Capital Bruce spent a great deal of time on developing new methods of financial measurement appropriate for a TIMO business and training the operations staff about how to apply financially and biologically appropriate stand treatments. In 2012 Forest Capital was acquired by Hancock Forest Management and Bruce once again changed hats and moved his office to Vancouver Washington. Over the next 5 years Bruce managed the GIS systems for Hancock’s western operations. In 2016 Bruce helped spearhead the development of a Strategic Innovation Group and is currently serving as a Senior Project Manager.  

In his current role Bruce works on developing strategic innovations related to new systems, technology and methodologies that have the potential to move Hancock ahead in an accelerated way. 

Bruce and his family live in Clackamas, OR and they spend a great deal of their time pursing any number of adventures, most of which involve rivers rafting. Bruce is a past president of Oregon Whitewater Association and is proud to say that he’s rafted nearly every major river segment in Idaho and Oregon, and a fair number is places as far away as the Yukon and Alaska. He is active on many boards including FBRI and numerous Forestry Coops. He serves as the chair of the Duke Alumni Council Portland Chapter and is active as a Mentor for the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke.